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This is a space for a quiet reflection and consideration of wider learning issues.

Also, an opportunity to share ideas with my fellow industry colleagues and contribute to the exciting changes happening around L&D.

“If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.”
— Howard Gardner

How do you make learning effective?

Utilise best practices.

We cannot continue creating learning the old way and still expect outstanding results.

Supports staff aspirations.

Only motivated learners will readily absorb and implement new skills and knowledge.

Allow learners to take ownership.

Responsibility for learning is shifting towards learners. They need to be proactive and engaged.

Allign with the business.

Learning has to be squarely aligned with the business objectives and bring measurable outcomes.

Make it enjoyable.

If learning is enjoyable, engagement and application are guaranteed.

Make it relevant and timely.

Learning has to efficiently deliver relevant knowledge and skills at the time of need.

About me

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Hi! My name is Aleksandar (Alex) Jovanovic.
My mission is to make Learning and Development an essential part of every business decision making process by demonstrating the value it can bring.

  • B.Ed. (English Language and Literature)
  • CIPD L5 L&D Business Partner\Consultant
  • Learning Design (TAP Cert)
  • ASC L3 NLP Life Coaching
  • ASC Stress Consultant


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